Natasha Awuku is an artist and musician from London. Being a self-taught artist, she uses acrylic and spray paint as a way of expressing her love of nature and surrealism. Whilst mainly painting on canvas, Natasha also produces street art on walls and hoarding around the city. “Most of the work I do has the theme of nature running through it. I paint these scenes to bring a sense of happiness and a connection to nature which living in a city I feel often disconnected from”  Natasha was awarded The Art of Energy Prize in 2020 by The Centre for Energy Ethics at St Andrews University for her artwork on the subject of energy. Her ‘Free Spirit’ painting was chosen for the curated display at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea London 2022. Charitable work includes creating two large scale pieces for the charity Practical Action and painted a piano for Rugby First in Warwickshire.